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Rapid Design Development

Design Charrette

engineers plan

Initial concept by Gorrill Palmer Engineers

So... We have a site and an engineering study showing square footage and a parking count. Can we present renderings to the Governor in one week? How fast can we go from a basic design concept to a nice set of renderings?

These are the questions we discussed at our first meeting with Mark Burns and Tom Emery of Foreside Architects. ...and we had one week till the big presentation.

"...pencils down"

The image to the right is one of the 12 views we used as presentation day rolled around. All in all, a fun charrette with a successful outcome.

We set up a process, a sort of feedback loop where design input would be sent daily to me and I would post progress renderings daily as well. Visualizing the progressing design allowed the architect to respond to visual issues quickly.

The sequence below left shows design progress with the state capitol in the background...

The above right sequence shows plan view progress...

The final images used in the presentation are in the client folder for Foreside Architects.


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