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Interior Collection

Interiors come to life with furnishings and accessories. We are happy to work with your custom furnishing requests; either special designs, or selections from a catalogue or web site. Custom furnishings or accessories are priced on an individual basis. Stock items (shown below) are available for your scene at a fixed unit price lower than custom items.

View Final 0309

This collection of pictures show furnishings and accessories we have readily available to place in your interior. Use the ID # in the caption of each image to help identify and refer to furnishings or accessories in an image. For example - the curtains in image ID:0010 are yellow.

Final 0311 Final 0314 simulated Interior from kitchen View Still from Animation - ICU waiting Community Room View waiting area seating Final 0315 Kitchen simulated Interior from doorway Check-In and Waiting areas along main corridor Spring Harbor Hospital Living Room Balcony with Ocean Views Living Room As seen from the main hallway Stone fireplace imported from Russia Your view from the doors of the porte cochere For special occasions Looking toward the kitchen access The fire flickers gently Library visible to left Laconia Savings Bank - Main Office Nice Choice of Artwork Bedroom Cafe


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