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01-15-2018 Still Images and Video


To simply watch a video click on it to expand, then click the center to start.

To download a video there is a button on the far right of the playback controls that looks like an arrow pointing down. The controls are only visible after playback is started.

video 1:20 Video

This compact version is 1:20 in length

video plus stills Video

This version is 1:58 in length and includes some still images from unusual viewpoints

Favorite Stills

To download image files one at a time, use the "full size" link in the caption text in blue.

To download all 24 files at once, use this Download link.

Still Images 0010 Still Images 0050 Still Images 0080 Still Images 0090 Still Images 0120 Still Images 0140 Still Images 0150 Still Images 0170 Still Images 0240